What boosts your confidence to be a good business man/woman in the web design business?

For me it’s enjoying what I do. You could be an awesome coder or a great businessperson but if you don’t have the passion for your subject and it’s just a job to you then it doesn’t really give you much incentive (beyond paying the bills and making money) to want to keep learning and evolving how you practice. I (for example) love working on the web and writing about the subject, I spend my free time when I’m not working, learning about the subject whenever I get free time… why? Because it’s more than a job to me, it’s a hobby and lifestyle. I feel confident in what I do because I pretty much live and breath for the subject. :stuck_out_tongue:

The knowledge that humans exist.

Too much of web design is about “the market,” “the user,” “the customer.” Ask anybody just who that would be …you’ll draw a blank in many cases.

You don’t build compelling web sites whilst being two or three levels of abstraction removed from an actual user you know something about. And sorry, analytics aren’t users.

The guy or gal who has 23 validation errors, but convinces three or five (or ten times) as many visitors to do what the site was built to accomplish has an advantage.

It’s not all about the technology. And a huge number of people, who would swear on a stack of bibles they built their sites for “the user,” are fooling themselves. They’ll “validate” themselves with a parser – and chew off a leg before doing a user test. They’ll worship Google, learning all they can about rigging rank. Yet they couldn’t picture a specific user with anything near the same detail if you threatened their very life.

Notice everyone you compete with refuses to talk about results. Traffic – not conversions. Visitors – not customers. The vast majority of web design is about taking credit, while shirking any responsibility whatsoever.

Own the user. Understand customers. Validate with human beings (parsing and debugging are not validation – you can make a human factors atrocity validate). Then you’ll know how to knock out 99.99% of the competition (99.9999% for the web).

Conscious identity, rooted in a purpose and cause that is bigger than me, myself and I. uhm… :slight_smile: I’m not in the web design business, though. Pixels and I doesn’t always mix well.

Knowing I can do the job to a good standard.

Some people have confidence even when they don’t deserve it though.