Confessions of an Intermediate Programmer

I thought this was interesting.

Confessions of an Intermediate Programmer

Very enjoyable read, I loved the bit about the umbrella :slight_smile:

I couldn’t read it… I got a 503 Service temporarily unavailable…

I will try later and give you my “expert” opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

“click through your feature a few times, seems good, upload to production!”

100% Guilty

I finally could read it! :smiley:

Me too.

I feel his pain… even more than he does… I never believed myself to be a great programmer, just someone that could get things working with lots of tears and sweat… although these days, it is even more tears and sweats than before… and I’m guilty because I’m not better than yesterday but worse and I know it! :frowning:

Over-confidence has to be one of the worst traits anyone in any field can have. I know our “go out and get 'em” culture emphasizes the self-made, DIY person, but this usually produces the kind of “expert” outlined in the referenced blog post. The best thing that can happen to you is to find yourself surrounded by people smarter than you. And the next best thing you can do is to learn from them. Many find this threatening, but it’s far better than programming yourself, and someone else’s business, into a corner

A nice article that I think many of us can relate to!

I used to subscribe to PC Plus myself and I remember getting the Delphi cover CD… does anyone know if the language is still in use?

There may be a few places where they use it… but I confess that it’s been centuries since the last time I heard about Delphi. Although I don’t consider myself a true programmer

I spent quite a lot of time [hobby] with Delphi. Although Pascal was originally designed as an ‘instructional’ language it had a lot of power. I really enjoyed it.

A dear friend of mine wrote a killer BBS entirely in Delphi (although his work has outlived him)

Yes very much so…

A friend of mine is currently programming with Delphi in UK and has no problem in finding other contracts.

Does anyone remember Dr Bob and his Delphi 1 Space Invader program?