Conditions: Time of day, fundraising %


As a designer I finally got decent at AS2. Working on my first AS3 project and need serious help. Doing a Flash header for a fundraising project.

Depending on the time of day (user machine time) and the amount of money raised the header needs to show different scenes and building construction progress.

  1. Is there some example script out there that would conditionally call on 1 of 4 times of the day (morning, noon, late afternoon or overnight) for me?

  2. And the % of the funds raised (variable data passed from the site?) will reveal that equivalent portion of the building constructed. So if 25% of the funds are in then 1/4 of the building will be shown completed. Is there an example script that would receive that data from an external source and then call 1 of 4 pre-built building movie clips?

Thanks so very much!