Conditions for a good website

A good website has some conditions to be mete out. The number one condition is that it must be user friendly. The second one is that The contents are relevant and useful for the targeted people. And the third one is that the site has to have a good navigation facilities.

Is there a question here? If so, please post it, otherwise, I’ll close this thread as I don’t see any opening for discussion and we are not a place to insert what would be best suited for a blog or cms.

This cannot be easily defined, but some absolutely necessary conditions have to be met.

Concept - you need to have a clear idea what you want to do.
Good design - no one wants to look at ugly things
Simple and intuitive navigation
Relevant and original content

Yeah exactly, and also some basics in creating good website are website should have light color background with dark text, website should be easy to navigable,
website should have a Contact Us page on website as well.

if you are making a good website than put your self in the visitors shoes and than think what the information you are looking for in this site.