Conditional use of str_replace

I am going through the articles on my website because I want to replace all instances of & in order to replace it with the word “and”. Here is the code I have for that:

$body = str_replace("&", "and", "$body");

But what is the best way to preserve a product name, “Peace & Calming”? That is the one exception I need to make to my code so that the name is not modified. Should I use an IF statement or preg_match?

Thank you!


The most simplest way to do that:

/* convert & to and */
$body = str_replace('&', 'and', $body);
/* convert it back for certain phrase */
$body = str_replace('Peace and Calming', 'Peace & Calming', $body); 

But obviously, that will work only for specified phrase.
If you want to make it more universal, you have to use regular expressions with preg_match().
It could be a very tricky task because it’s hard to define strict rules which words are product name and which are not.

Thank you Megazioid!

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