Conditional highlighting

Im trying to use conditional highlighting to indicate when certain values are exceeded by highlighting the exceed values in red, and print all other values as-is. All i have managed to do is to only print exceed values:

<td class="row4"> <?php echo $row['gac_value']; ?> </td> 

<td class="row4">  
    <?php if ($row['ms_conc0']>=$row['contaminant'])
    echo "<font color='#ff0000'>".$row['ms_conc']."</font>";
    else echo $row['ms_conc0'];  ?> 

I get i am giving it a choice of printing either/or. How do i print all, ad highlight exceeded values?

That was it. Thank you.

Looks like you have two variables that are similar, and one should be the other or vice-versa.

$row['ms_conc0'] or $row['ms_conc']