Computer Skills and Job Promotion

How would you take stock in your years of computer software experience as a means of applying for a job promotion? I was asked to do this. I have a BA degree and Certification. However, almost all my skills are from my years of working in the field. Heck, some of the skills I might not remember. I have to take stock in my skills and write them down.

Would the videos on SitePoint’s premium video lessons count?

Thanks for any input you can send my way.

Isn’t that just a resume.

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If this is for a promotion, you’re going to want to just make a list. As @newb says, it’s pretty much like writing a resume. What certifications and degrees do you have? What skills have you added to your repertoire? What accomplishments or projects have you completed at work? Anything that makes the company money or benefits it in a tangible way is always a big plus too. I’d add anything new that you’ve done or learned that enhances your value to the company, as well.

Then, go through all of that in a way that makes sense (is it a literal application, or is it a letter to your manager, or a conversation you must have, or what?).

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