Computer memory

I have installed a few applications to set up a website and my computer keeps telling me that my memory is low.

When I go to MY COMPUTER and check, the RECOVERY(D): icon tells me that there are 6.22 GB free of 9.99 GB and the OS (C) icon tells me that there are 146 GB free of 222 GB.

Is my computer telling me a lie!

Internet Explorer regularly says it is no responding and McAfee says my memory is low.

Which drive are you installing these applications to?

You shouldn’t be placing anything in the recovery partition–that’s where the image is stored for reformatting & reloading windows.

How much RAM do you have?

How many applications do you have loading at startup?

Try having windows show all hidden files then check the file space usage again. The file space may be being eaten up by hidden files.

I suspect you have 2 issues here, the memory low message is probably to do with the virtual ram, unless you meant to say hard drive space ?

As said above do NOT mess with the recovery partition, it could become corrupted worst case, then you wont be able to reset to out of the box state anymore.

The above questions need answers to see more about what you’re working with, but in the mean time my guess is your system restore is set to 12% (the xp default), this can eat hard drive space, change it to say 2% is what most advise, what this means is only the more recent restore points will be saved, but for the vast majority this is plenty, because if something goes wrong they only want to recover to before it went wrong.

To do this click on Start - Control Panel - System (double click), I can’t recall the tab name, but one of them contains the system restore settings, find that, then drag the sliding bar down to about 2% or 3% and that should help with any space issues.

Thank you all for your guidance. My computer is on the way out I think. It is four years old so I suppose it’s time it went. I have tried several actions including the ones you’ve suggested but it is still running on low memory. I have been using Internet Explorer which, I’ve heard from other users runs out of steam after a few years. Thank you for your help.

Just because it’s 4 years old doesn’t mean it has something wrong, if you want to upgrade the do it because you can afford that, and it’s what you want, but do not upgrade just because you think somethings wrong, isolate whats wrong then decide what to do, it could save you a 4 figure sum, you could also look at the cost of adding more ram etc to make what you have run smoother until you are ready to fully upgrade, if you want to list your system spec we can advise more.

If your computer is telling you that it’s low on ‘memory’, it means RAM, not hard drive space (storage).

If your computer is telling you that it’s low on ‘virtual memory’, then you have a hard drive space issue. Given that you have 146 of 222 gb free, there is no problem with the hard drive space.

However, your virtual memory setting is probably wrong.

I’m going to differ with previous information given in this thread here and tell you allow Windows to manage the amount of virtual memory it needs.

Sure, that might increase file fragmentation on your drive over time, so you’ll have to make a choice: do you want to a) use the computer and run defrag once in a while, or b) not use the computer because it constantly tells you something is wrong because you changed a setting that causes it tell you that something is wrong all the time?

Another option might be that something is consuming a large portion of your RAM, when you get the ‘memory issue’ message, open your task manager (ctrl+alt+del, click start task manager) and click the Performance tab, is most, or all, of your RAM being used? Now go to the Processes tab and click on the Memory header to sort, which processes are taking up all your RAM? Are they something you need? Did you install them?

I think your computer taking some time and passing some time your problem will not remain. It requires some running

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Are you running a bunch of other files on your computer? Try restarting your computer (to close all other programs) and try again. It could be you’re just running too many things.

If you’re running a 3D game, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., those could all be taking up a lot of your memory.

Thank you for all your posts. I have found that Netpaint ups and runs itself from the valuable information you have given me so I have switched it off. Once again, thank you for your help,