Computer Lab Maintenance

Sorry haven’t been posting for a while… couldn’t find a solution through searching, maybe I did it wrong.

Anyway… I have a computer lab with more users than I am comfortable with. The HD’s are getting cluttered with temp files etc that I would prefer to just delete the user profiles every month, to keep things moving the way I want.

I was looking for a tool/script that would allow me to delete all but a few required userid’s on all those PC’s. I have found ways to create batch files to delete ALL folders in a directory, but don’t have any idea how to force it to check for a few names and then refuse to delete them.

I hope someone has dealt with this type of non-sense before…

I’ve used this for XP: The Shonk Project

I’m not sure if it functions correctly on windows 7 or not.

Thanks, this will require some testing… More for me to figure out how to use this thing.

I ran it from a batch file like this:

@ECHO off
title Delete Profile Cleaning
ECHO Profile cleaning in progress...
ECHO Do Not Close
ECHO This may take a few minutes
cscript.exe /nologo DeleteProfiles.vbs /c /L DeleteProfilesLog.log
ECHO Done.

Make sure you exclude user profiles you wish to keep.