Compress/decompress multiply files using PHP


I need to compress and decompress multiply files from an .ePub file with PHP.
I saw most use “zzlib” but I can’t use “zzlib” because it’s not installed on server and I can not install anything on my server.
I need a different method that is very common and does not require instalation.

what say you?

What kind of compression is used in epub files? zip? gzip?

I successfully opened an .epub with winZip on my computer but maybe gzip will work too…I know nothing about these things sorry :frowning:

maybe this will help:

please help?

Compressing files is not hard at all. I’m making a great upload class that compares the mime type of the files with their extensions. Is there a way to do this before extracting files on the server?
I want to use in in the CMS of this website:
مبلمان اداری

bro , that’s a thread hijack

Should I delete my post?

let’s try contributing to the thread instead: what method did you use? “zzlib” “zlib” ? as far as you know: is there a method that is common that a lot uses that does not require installation ?

Well, if you want the truth, I haven’t written the codes yet. I just searched the web and found some websites, forums, etc. I just looked at the codes that others had written and they were not that hard to understand. Search the web and you’ll find what you need, dude. If you were not able to find anything, then let me know, and I’ll help you out.
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found a lot of codes but that isn’t what this thread is about.
the question is which method is the most standard without library installation.

You’re right. The codes I found needed zlib:

I know that there must be a way to do that.
Stay in touch with me and I’ll let you know as soon as I find something useful. You have my email. By the way, you can find me on

ok, I have decided to go with “zlib” - it seems