Complex Sql Query Needed

I have following set of tables where user_key_id is id of the photographer and users should be able to search photographers as per the following database tables.

User should

tbl_type ( type of service provided by photographer )


tbl_category ( Category in which photographer provides his services, Eg:- Wildlife, Event, Wedding etc {multiple selection} )

tbl_location ( location in which photographer provides his services, Eg:- Delhi, Mumbai, banglore etc {multiple selection} )

tbl_photographer_profile ( Photographer details )

tbl_category_selected ( contain data which photographer has selected what categories {multiple selections} )

tbl_service_type ( contain data which photographer has selected what service type [tbl_type] {multiple selections} )

tbl_regions ( contain data which photographer has selected what locations to provide his services {multiple selections} )

And search should perform based on all these tables

what did you try on your own so not somebody else has to do your work?

Im not good in JOIN and such complex queries thats y i posted it here. If you can answer it would be great else no problem someone else will help for sure

The way those table structures look to be I’m not surprised you’re having trouble working wth them.
They look suspiciously like the work of a newbie. eg. they all have an id field whether they need one or not?


Anyway, assuming it is only me having trouble digesting the information you have posted and the database design and table shemas are as they should be, it would be helpful to me if you could start by giving a simplified example with only one JOIN condition that involves only two tables.

In particular, how what information in one table is related to what information in the other.

all tables can have multiple data same photographer can have multiple regions, service type and locations selected.
this query will not help
BTW thanks for you time

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