Complex Layout, Not sure how to tackle it!


I have a layout i need to code into HTML.

See attached image of layout.

Basically it involves 3 sections.
Left, Right and Footer
Right and Footer should not move when a user scrolls the page
Only Left will move, up or down.

Needs to be cross browser compatible, can use JavaScript if required, but would prefer not too. Would prefer to avoid frames.

I suspect there is a simple way, im just not seeing it.
Can somebody point me in the right direction.

I would appreciate any help


Do you know about the position:fixed; property of css? You might want to check that out…

Too Easy!

Id heard of it, i just didnt know its use. Never had to use it before.
Now i just feel silly!

Thanks mate

I wish sitepoint introduced those little UpVote buttons like on Stackexchange, so I can simply do that than type: