Completely confused by signing in to vs a blog there?

I am trying to help someone with a problem they are having on a blog hosted at

But it’s not a blog like I am used to where you have as the url. It’s a regular url like but you apparently administer it through some sort of dashboard looking interface at

I would ask the person what this is about but they are likely to be as confused as I am LOL.

So I am asking here.

I can’t sign in to the blog URL by going to with the credentials they have given me but I can sign in with those credentials by going through and signing in by entering those credentials in the upper left of the screen.

The I traverse to the dashboard of the blog and away I go.

What’s with the need to sign in through

Can someone please explain to me why I can sign in at but not through the blog URL?

I am just confused about what I am signing into exactly.

Any insight you might care to share with me would be appreciated.



There’s an option at to buy your own domain name, rather than use the default name of So that’s what the site owner has done. I haven’t used, but presumably the default address redirects to the custom one for people viewing the site. However, it doesn’t surprise me that the backend is still to be found at the default address.

That’s my guess, anyhow. Nothing dodgy happening here.

Thanks for the insight Ralph.

The site owner decided to go do their own thing with the site so I no longer have to deal with this which is actually preferable.

They could not create new posts, the preview theme functionality was broken (the theme would not change even if you activated it), and other such things.


Yikes. Sounds like you are better off without that job, then. :slight_smile: