Complete newbie: What skills needed to accomplish this?

Hello, lovely forum people!

What skills/knowledge would be required in order to create, for example, a site which allows the user to search a recipe database that pulls from a select group of popular recipe sites and is automatically updated as and when new recipes are added to any site within that group?

Essentially Google for recipes, is what I’m asking for (hah, NBD!)

Thank you!

Searching other websites and accurately grabbing recipes is way beyond my knowledge, sounds like some super precise code, unless you developed a method for each specific website’s format. I think Python may be able to accomplish that, although I’m sure you’ll hear a million different answers way better than mine - just using my imagination.

No matter what I would pass the gathered recipes into your own database using MYSQL. This will make referencing the recipes for your users a million times faster and a million times easier for you to script.

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