Complete demoralization

A change pushed through last night broke a block of code I’m wrote in production - again. For the 7th time in two months I’m having to stop everything I’m doing to address the problem. I need to face it, I have a nightmare programming job.

Our company is down to 2 programmers, one tech/sales assistant and the owner who is the main salesperson. The codebase we have was begun in PHP 4.2 or so 6 years ago and has grown without guidance ever since. There are some 4,000 files with little to no reuse between sections. There are 5 ORM/data access systems, 3 frameworks, 2 template engines… It’s apparent refactoring has been tried multiple times and stopped midway each time. The owner refuses to replace this mess despite the fact a rewrite could be done in a fraction of the time it would take to correct all the current bugs.

There is no unit testing available. No dependency management whatsoever and 60 objects in the global namespace. Many functions alter those globals in addition to (or instead of giving) a return value.

The worst part is the management style. His answer to any client question on when something will be done is “in three days” or maybe “next week.” I’ve told him something would take 3 weeks to do and he immediately told the client 2 days. It’s beyond ridiculous.

I’ve been programming 7 years now. At my experience level I should be making between 70 to 90 grand. I was hired by this company at 45 grand with a promise to, after 90 days, go to 60 with full benefits. 9 months later, yep you guessed it, nada.

What is worse is last month the I was docked 6 days pay for a 3 day absence due to snow. Then the owner explained he’s in a jam and needed to defer more than half my payment to August when the clients make their yearly payment. The amount he proposed to pay me in salary in the meanwhile was less than minimum wage considering my normal work schedule of 45 to 55 hours / week.

I’m looking for other employment at this point. I’m utterly demoralized and this post is mainly to vent that frustration some.

You’re doing the right thing: searching for a new job and venting your frustration but… demoralized? why? you told your boss and asked him to reconsider… you can’t do anything else.Simply do your job as well as you can until you get a new one. It is not your fault and you shouldn’t feel demoralized.

It is obvious that the company is going through a tough time and maybe there are good reasons why they’re not taking your requests on board (everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt) but you’ve done your part and you should feel good about yourself.

Where abouts do you live?


Your boss sounds like sales person. If everyone were sales people everything would be done half-ass riddled with ads (they would probably be the only things working). Sounds like the right move – get out quick!

The other thing about the salary, get the salary your after in the beginning. I have been in a similar situation my last two jobs. Empty promises and I’m not one to shake the water.

I would say stay, if your boss was open to completely dumping the system, but an unwillingness to improve proves its just a dead-end at a company without any integrity or pride.

Such a very tough situation for you. It’s not your fault and nobody likes that to happen with your company, but you need to leave to live.