Complaint sites, what to do?

With the advent of the web, there are a bunch of complaint sites.
Most will actually remove bogus complaints, but there are few really slime ball sites that will not, no matter what you do. Any tips or suggestions on this? thanks.

Thanks guys! 'nuf said, I guess. :x

If you treat all people with the same respect as you have done to Shyflower I’m not suprised you’ve had complaints.

What are you even talking about, be specific and we can help more. What’s a complaint site? What’s your business do? who are you to say a complaint is bogus?

Not a great answer.
These sites should never be respond to, as it generates more traffic to them.
They are all scam sites. But they do considerable damage to small business reputation. Hopefully someone with insight will see this post.

I’ve noticed that at most complaint sites, usually the same people do the bulk of the complaining. I think most people just ‘consider the source’.

If someone directs a complaint your way and you believe it’s unjustified, state your case but don’t make it personal. Just the FAQs ma’am! If the complaint is justified, apologize and tell what you have done or will do to rectify the situation. Then move on.

People have a legitimate reason to complain about stuff, and just because someone doesn’t like what has been written about them doesn’t make it any less true. Yes people abuse those services but that doesn’t make them scam sites, it’s the individuals who screw things up, not the people who host the material (and I don’t see why they should be forced to take down anything if there’s any merit to it). The excuse claiming damage to businesses reputations is total horse poop - everyone is entitled to free speech (this isn’t China) and no business has the right to proclaim that a truthful complaint which highlights wrongful activities should be silenced because it makes someone look bad. It honestly scares me how downright sleazy businesses can be hiding behind the manure of reputation. :slight_smile:

Well said

This is why I offer a money back guarantee for my services. Because the people who will get really mad at you, will complain everywhere, so you may as well just keep them happy and let them go, rather than have people be unhappy with your service. I guess it depends what you sell, but if you can afford to give refunds to unhappy customers, do it!

“Yes people abuse those services”
Good point Dan, indeed. Some of these services, are lowlifes who have to change their web hosting every month to avoid lawsuits, why? Because someone you don’t even know, who was not even a client – can write on the site anonymously that you are a pervert and a slezoid who was very unprofessional on our meeting. Not that you even ever met that person.