Compiling SASS in LiveReload

Hi guys,

would just need some quick help… this is the first time I am using SASS with LiveReload, I’ve got the folder set up and everything… but I can seem to get the .sass files compile into .css.
It only says: Idle. 1 browser connected. 3 changes. 0 files compiled. 3 refreshes so far.

The compile sass, less, coffee and others option is of course enabled.

In the working folder I just have a .html file and a .sass file. What else do I need to do to get it working ?

can you send a link to your website, is it live?
Have you linked your CSS file in the head of your html document?

I’m not sure how far you’ve gotten with LiveReload, but here is another option, and easy to use: Prepos

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already got it working… I had to install gulp first. Which should not be the case, as on their website, it says it is able to compile on it’s own.
Btw, that Prepos looks cool too. Never used it before, might try it out.

Got to love missing information!

Prepos is the only precompiler I’ve used so far, and works great,with some minor update hiccups, but overall pretty good.

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