ok so i am looking to get optimized for security camera and video surveillance but there is a competitor that gets backlinks (around 1,000) from various websites that have nothing to do with security cameras, movie reviews, ufo websites etc. They have no PR so my question is how can i beat them? Cause I don’t have so many different websites. Please advise!

You cannot beat them.

Is the owner of the site with the incoming links creating blogs and other sites to send himself links? One of my main competitors does that. He’s got thousands of incoming links to his main site and almost all of them are from his other sites.

i think he just paid some company to do it, but these sites aren’t optimized they are your 1990 era style websites poorly done. if i used a more concentrated work in regards to my keywords can’t that over power them?

You can outrank him, but it’s not going to be by creating thousands of irrelevant links to your website. The most powerful way to move up in search rankings is to acquire relevant and trusted links to your website. Those two words are key.

A single relevant link to your website will be exponentially more helpful to your rankings than hundreds of irrelevant links. Find people who are running websites that are related to video and surveillance equipment to link to you. You may need to write articles for them or convince them to review your equipment. Whatever you have to do, getting on their radar will help you immensely.

It takes about $10 and 10 minutes to create a website, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth anything. Websites need to be trusted by Google and that happens through a variety of ways. If you were to create 100 blogs and link to your website it’s not going to do very much good because those 100 blogs are worthless in the eyes of a search engine. Focus on connecting with trusted websites out there like major retailers, major bloggers and major news websites. Those are the people that already have a positive reputation with Google and when you receive a link from them it will be worth far more than hundreds of brand new blogs or link farms.

Check sources where your competitor posted their link and submit your link on those sites. You will get good ranking and if you will work hard may you beat them.

well those sites are his and they don’t function that way i said that at the top of the thread.