So my competition are two websites that have a lot of backlinks coming from blog and website farms. Basically sites that have nothing to do with the search term at all they just have a link at the bottom. What strategy can I use to try and out beat them?

Writing interesting content isn’t really good enough since my topic few people know about it and it isn’t really discussed.

You could report them to Google if they are going outside the guidelines:

In my opinion firstly check your competitor’s site keyword and then select yours. Do more and more On page and Off page optimization. Comment on high PR forum and blog and also they have do follow links. Comment on .edu and .gov sites. Might be those site will give you quality backlinks. Use social media sites. Through social media site’s you get backlinks and also good traffic.

Do not try to beat anyone just try to be the best and you can get positive results as you be the best. In simple words do’t run after success just go for excellence, success will come for you at any cost.

Most forums have nofollow links, to try to discourage people from posting rubbish in the hope of gaining backlinks.

Have you really thought about this, or are you just repeating something you’ve seen elsewhere? I don’t know how many .edu or .gov sites even have a facility for commenting, and without knowing the topic of boobymonster’s site, you can’t possibly know if this is appropriate. If he has a site about education, for example, then a .edu site might be appropriate; if he has a site about Japanese flower arranging, do you really think that’s going to fit with a .gov website?

Posting comments anywhere just to get backlinks is the surest way to get them deleted and possibly get yourself banned.