Comparison between this two language

I was assigned to build an affiliate program, what language do I need to use?

Is it c# or PHP?

It depends upon your knowledge upon those languages.

what’s is the easiest way or common language that affiliate programmers use?

There isn’t one, pick a language you know, and is suitable, and get to it.

Ahh, so you think if I chose PHP, will it be useful for affiliate programs? Why is it other affiliate programs used ASPX?

The end result will be the same regardless of the programming language. It doesn’t matter.

Because I saw some affiliate programs that they used ASPX. Can PHP do the same thing like the c#?

You could write the whole thing in Greek.

The non-sarcastic answer, of course, is yes, PHP can do the same things as C#, as can Java or Python or Perl or any other programming language. You should pick the one that you are most comfortable with.

If you’re not sufficiently familiar with any of them, don’t be afraid to tell your boss. It will be hugely better if you’re upfront about it now, rather than spending a month and ending up without anything good to show for it.

Hi everyone, thanks for your answers, I’m a PHP Programmer and I’m comfortable with PHP. Now I know that what ASPX C# can do the same with PHP in terms of functionality. I was wondering why some of the affiliate programs are using c# or aspx. That’s the reason why I’m asking the difference of these two language.

I can think of a difference that could mean a lot. Some languages are interpreted and others are compiled. While I don’t think it makes much difference in terms of speed or resource use for most things, I can see where it would for something large or heavily used.