Compare Product Specifications

Greetings … I am new in this domain and I have to make a website where you can compare product specifications of 10-20 products, that need to place in a file or script, without using mysql … I want to select 1-2-3-etc products that can be compared.

Is there a script that I can somehow edit it? I searched and did not find anything …
Thank you!

No - the purpose of such a exercise is to help you to learn some fundamentals about the process of writing JavaScript.
We tend to not give out help with homework or assignments here.

If there is anything specific though that you would like more information about, we are perfectly happy to help you learn about such things.

From what I have researched, I have to do something to avoid a mysql database or something. It must return the data from an XML file or something because the folder where the page will be, will be moved from one computer to another, and will not be used on the Internet. I do not know how to read data from an XML file, or what other option would there be? 10x!

It would be JSXN that you may be wanting to use for that. Details of how to use it can be found at