Company profile on Bloomberg

How do I make a company profile on bloomberg?

I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand the question. Are you referring to this site? What do you mean by a “company profile”? If you want to advertise with them, then there is a link to this site:

yes i am referring to this site. One can make their company profiles on this site for eg:

now my boss wants me to make one for our company as well, which i cant figure out how.
Hence frantically questioning here

That looks as if the profile was created by Bloomberg, rather than being something you can create yourself. You could try e-mailing them to enquire about obtaining an entry, but the lack of an obvious way to submit a request rather suggests to me that this is not how that site operates.

I’ve never had any dealings with them, so I may be wrong. However, contacting them directly would seem to be the quickest way to get accurate information.

i thought so too. I could try emailing them, but that i kept that locked as the last resort. i went crazy looking for that just one tab which would say register or join now.

Sorry for ranting, i guess i will send them an email.

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There is an link to sign in or register at the top right. I don’t know what options are available when you have signed in.

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there is a sign in option not a sign up. And I dont see register option anywhere.

If you click “sign in” there are options to register or sign in with an existing account or twitter or facebook.

wait i think i wasnt clear before. I have an account on bloomberg, but i dont know how to enter my company info, or make a company profile

Hey, I have had a look at it and as far as I can see you can not create a public profile your self. It would make them open to a flood of SEO people if they did it.

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As Boman21 writes. I think it used to be public, but it got killed be the SEO community

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