Company brand name in blog post

I’m using the Kool-Aid Man and brand as an analogy in my blog post. I mention Kool-Aid several times.

Do I need to a registered trademark on the name?

What if I used a small thumbnail of the logo?

I see it all over the net (of course), but I don’t have time to deal with any letters even if someone were to actually come across it :wink:

Appreciate the insight.

Well, if someone objects to it, then you can take the blog post down.

I can’t see it even registering on someones radar unless you were to write something bad about the company.

I believe you can mention Kool-Aid all you want, but to be correct you should have either their registered symbol or the TM symbol (whichever they use) in the first mention of their name in your text.

As far as using the logo, I wouldn’t without permission. A lot of well-known corporations have staff whose main job is to just find misuse of their branding criteria on the web. Better safe than sorry.

Sounds like a plan Shy. Man I hate finding perfect images and the source nowhere to be found.

If you have found the perfect Kool Aid man image, the place to contact is Kraft Foods (the parent company of Kool Aid) to ask their permission.

If you’re interested, here is their terms of use page.