community map project

I created this application because I love using Google map.
The challenges would be to have big community of users who want to share their spot.
I like the way of sending information into the database and the email notification to advise owner to validate or not the new spot.
I would like to have some advises to improve it.


The “add marker” doesn’t seem to work. I’m guessing because the email address is required and I didn’t provide one? If so, what is the “test” email address to enter to try it?

Ah, I missed seeing the “will be recorded in the database” as meaning “will not appear immediately after submission”

And indeed, it works without an email address. eg. this test submitted the other day.

So the email is used to send a type of “your location has been processed and can now be seen” email notification?

yes, it works without submitting the email, it’s just optionnal, yes I forget to add the * meaning : mandatory field

The email is used if someone want to be contacted by the admin, no there’s no notification for submiter email.
If I see someone adding a location in a wrong place, i can use the mail to contact them.
Otherwise, did you add this location randomly in philippine, because i was there