Communicate over CuteCom using PHP

hello guys,i wanted to execute cutecom in php so i can send command and get reply from a device in php. is that possible? if so, please share your idea. thanks

hey, i wanna ask you something, the idea is i wanna combine php and cutecom but i don’t know if it’s possible. i have 1 external device which is a DSP processor, i need to send command through the serial port to the device, and the processor will reply it’s data. Cutecom works really well but the thing is, i wanna execute cutecom from php. is that even possible?

I have no idea what cutecom is, but you can try exec, [URL=“”]system or [URL=“”]passthru, depending on your needs.

i’ve uploaded cutecom picture with some operation going on. i wanted to execute this through php. is it possible?

Hey Marvin_G, I moved this to a separate thread, as it really should have its own discussion.

In short, from my quick searching, it seems CuteCom is a serial emulator, allowing you to pass commands over a cable to another device, is that correct? If so, you could probably utilize the [fphp]system[/fphp] and [fphp]exec[/fphp] functions in php to send your communication through CuteCom, but to be honest, I’ve never used PHP this way, so someone else who has might be a better reference than I.

yes that’s the way it works, have u ever heard of minicom?

If you can figure out what commands are being executed in the background, you can use the system, exec, and passthru commands in PHP to send them along.

that’s the thing, i just dont know what are the background command used in cutecom. nevermind then, i’ll try. thanks anyway. ^^

I’m not sure what you are interfacing with as I don’t work on the hardware/network side anymore (never really did honestly), but this may be of interest (its using minicom)

This guy is doing interesting things with PHP / Arduinos etc Tinker, Failure, Solder, Why? (PHP tagged posts) and posts code talking to devices via ports.

I hope this is relevant and of interest.