Common reasons for a site to load slowly


Google has started Considering the Load Time as an Important Factor while Ranking a Website at Index time.

Common reasons for a site to get load slowly.

The Time For Loading A Web Site Depends Mostly On:

  1. The number / size of external resources included in the site.(Images , Feeds)

  2. If Images are not properly optimized and resized. (Large and Heavy Images)

  3. The database queries executed while the site loads. (Many database queries at the same time)

  4. Use More Flashy Effects and High Resolutions Images. (If Flash has been used with heavy images)

I Hope This Information Helpful For You All.


I think one reason would be adding more ads on your site.It may slow the loading.

Any proof to show google has started considering ? A lot of times I have visited large websites (around 2mb) from Google when I search for stuff . Links ?

If you use ads from the most common ad providers then there’s a good chance your visitors will already have the ad script cached and so the page will not be slowed downloading the script again.

If you use one of the common JavaScript libraries and use the copy from the Google web site instead of having your own copy then you also increase the chances that your visitors will have that script cached when they come to your page as well which will also speed the page load.

Hmm, Scripts (usually advert) I tend to block them because they slow down my already painfully slow GPRS and that really does make a HUGE loading time difference for me.