Comments and Visitors

Sometimes, I feel like people are “just stopping by” when they come to my site. I don’t think I write HORRIBLE posts, yet my other site, Shorty Stories, gets more comments than DelectablyChic! Advice would be great.


Perhaps its the name of your blog. Shorty Stories, I was expecting to read short stories. But its seems as if your blog covers womens clothing. I bet you would get better results if your renamed it something to do with womens clothing.

I like your following story:
It’s Finally HERE!!! The Famous Tweed Dress from BR Factory Store

I’m actually looking to get more comments on the DelectablyChic! site not the other one. As for Shorty Stories, there’s a reason why it’s Shorty Stories and not something petite or petite something. Too many people don’t understand that petite=short, period. If I called it petite something or other, then the general public would think it was for shorter women who wear size 4 or smaller.

I think Delectably Chic is a more specialized site so people who read there may not be as likely to comment as they would on Shorty Stories. Do you gather visitor statistics? Maybe more people are going to Shorty Stories than Delectably Chic so you would have to optimize your site so that it’s easier to find on search engines.

I agree with soulwatcher. Whatever your blog is all about I think you can get more visitors coming by if you change the name of your blog.

One story with 100 comments,and another one with 1 or none, people would intend to go to the first one. Comments attract visitors too.

I agree! I had to read the name twice to try and figure out what it meant. Most people are too lazy nowadays ts to read things twice. lol

And that’s the reason why the name of the site should also be given considerations.

The content is what most visitors get interested in. Try doing some listed posts or top ten listings. It usually enticed visitors.

The site’s name should give an idea on the what the content is. Remember, a lot of people are not in the mood of heavy reading nowadays. You should think of some ideas that will make them read the posts in your blog.

Fonts and layout of your text are so important.

I believe keep it big and the main focus of the page, then people will read it as that will be their main point to concentrate on.

maybe your site take too many ads and make reader uncomfortable to read it

I guess, to some extent, i agree that no one likes to read lengthy text but it doesn’t mean that we are losing the significance of long articles. If an article well written and it is attention grabbing, people still loves to e-books than why not long articles. Its a matter of writing.

Does everybody get tons of spam comments daily? I can’t believe how many I get (like 100/day) was just wondering if this is normal.

There are unfortunately black hat tools (aswell as a couple of white hat tools) that will write the same post over hundreds of blogs/websites within hours. It’s as simple as typing your post and pressing a button.

However many of them do have floors. A captcha can be decoded by these softwares quite quickly whereas matching a word to a picture or answering a question is slightly more difficult.

It’s also worth mentioning that alot of the people using these tools don’t know what they are doing so blocking certain ip’s or looking into how they use proxies might help.

Thanks for the insight Ethan, I really wasn’t sure how all this worked.

Domain name plays an important role in attracting visitors to your site, first it must be an attractive one. Its really hard to find a good, attracting name. Even I had take few months to find out a better name for my blog.

Ya it’s really frustrating. It’s like you can virtually type in any name or word combination you can think off and you find out the domain is already taken by someone that just looking to flip it for a profit. Really annoying!

You know domain names aren’t as important as some may think. Look at all the big brands or succesful websites, they rarely ever have a relevant name.

I think its alot better to be original and stick out rather than to blend in, just look at google when you type in SEO, they all look the same, wouldn’t you rather click “bluemonkeys” or something and use the title and meta tags to decribe what it is…