Combining Style Sheets using Google Minify

I currently have several separate external style sheets. In order to reduce the number of HTTP requests I downloaded Google’s Minify. I can make that work with a single style sheet, but when I combine them using the Minify Min/builder tool the result is a confusion of styles from the three different style sheets combined rendering the page a mess. What is the trick for combining the files that I am missing here?




Sorry I’ve never used minify but most of the other css compressors I’ve used seem to mangle the code in one way or another.

You might get a better response on the official site.

Thanks. Unfortunately those sites are not at all helpful in respect of this problem. I want to minify and combine as it is one of the rules of YSlow.

Minify them all seperatly and add each by hand to your new stylesheet in the exact same order they were before you minified them.

I run google minify on my server and have no issues with js and css. Are you following the directions carefully?

Obviously not, but I cannot see where I am going wrong. Each individual stylesheet performs correctly, but when combined it is a mish mash that looks terrible - wrong line spacings, the hrefs appearing on screen. I go to the http://mywebsite/min as instructed, enter the stylesheets in the box, then use the link generated. I’ve also tried each sheet individually, taking the minified version, and adding that one by one into a new stylesheet called combined.css. The same problem occurs.


This is what I use effectively.

Here is the user guide for setup.