Combining 2 fonts

I want to put to words together with 2 different Google fonts (or any font for that matter)

I am not sure how to combine that in the example below. Your help would be appreciated

<td style="font-size: 36px; background-color: #ffffff; font-family: 'Faster One', serif;font-weight: bold;text-align: center; color: #4c659b; line-height: .80;">ABC </td>

Faster One font for ABC
Kalam font for DEF

So, it would display: ABCDEF (all on one line – no spaces between)

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Just use a couple of spans - and put the CSS in your stylesheet, don’t use inline styles, they’re so 1990s.

<span class="look1">ABC</span><span class="look2">DEF</span>

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