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Hello everyone!

Im designing my professional website and i have some ideas about what i want. But sometimes (and that’s the case) what we idealize can’t be achieved when your a noob like me.

What i want is pretty simple, as you can see in the image, i want the text column to overlap the image on the left. I tried negative guter between columns and negative margins no columns but i can’t achieve this. So I went around and edit an image to fit the background … but then i have a problem when we see on mobile.

I tried to ask for support on their website but no received answer from their part.

Is there a way to this? Many Thanks

I’m sure it’s quite possible with css.
But since you post in the cms forum and mention “Page Builder”, I’m not familiar with that. Are there any limitations with it, like full ability to control the html structure and css?

Sorry i forgot to mention that Page Builder is a Wordpress plugin, and as the name indicates, help you build your website… Maybe i posted this in the wrong section … :confused:

If it’s WP, you are in the right place.
Though it could move to html & css if you prefer, as it’s about layout.

I have only one question: How do you expect anyone to read that cyan text?

No one because it’s just an example

Here is an example of a similar layout. It uses absolute positioning to remove the image from the flow to allow the text to overlap.

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