Colours that go with yellow

I’ve recently taken over as site admin for this site. I want to redesign it for a few reasons; partly just to give it a fresh look. Most society members just bookmarked the forums and seldom venture in to the main site, and I’m trying to change all that.

Anyhow, the society colour is yellow, as you can see. This I can’t change. I want the main background to be yellow on all pages. (The yellow on the site is lighter than that used on printed material, so I can change the shade slightly, but yellow has to remain.)

But what I thought of doing was having tabs across the top, and a sidebar for second level navigation. That would split the site into about five main sections… and each of those sections would have its own colour. The sidebar would then use that colour for a background.

So can anyone think of five or six colours that would go well with #ffffcc?

here you go:

you might get some ideas there.


Tones of gray to compliment it definately. Gray works with anything. You could always try an ‘earthy’ green, or blue, using lighter shades also.

U may take a look here:

Thanks for the tips guys!

This is the sort of design I’m currently playing with:

But that image was made before I read these comments, and there wasn’t a lot of thought in the colours.

I’ll have another think based on these suggestions.


On this page it has all the colors that go together next to each other
Hope this helps,

Looks like,
and around those colors by the way

Try to avoid yellow/black.

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Why do you say that?

There’s usually something to get some inspiration from.

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:wink: NatGeo’s branding looks awesome with Yellow / Black. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could always try this website.

Color Wheel Pro

You can download a trial version of the software.

The good thing is that the site also goes into colour theory and the software also shows you a preview of various colour schemes you choose on an example website. Very Handy

The traditional color wheel matches up yellow and purple. This may not look the best for websites, but usually works great in print media.

I guess if you use it in the right situation.

You could try using an artist’s color wheel for creating new color combinations.

All colors are created from choosing combinations of 3 base colors, red, blue and yellow. You can find a variety of different types of color wheels by doing an image search on Google for “artist color wheel.”

By using a color wheel, you create color combinations that are either contrasting or complimentary to each other. It’s easy to read most color wheels once you learn the color layout. Complimentary colors are usually beside or near each other and contrasting colors are on the opposite sides of the wheel.

From an artists stand point choosing 3 colors over 2 adds greater visual appeal. There are hundreds if not thousands of combinations to choose from. I use a color wheel to find new color combinations when creating beaded jewelry. You’ll be amazed how good some colors look together once you start creating combinations using a color wheel.

Looks like you did what you said you were planning for it. It looks pretty good, except for some reason your tabs shift on different sections. That always bugs me when nav elements move like that. Maybe I’m just picky.

I think greens go well with yellow, make sure they’re suttle shades though, nothing worse than bright yellows/greens!