ColorFavs - Create and Discover Colors and Color Palettes for All of Your Projects

Hello, everyone. Just wanted to share a project I’ve been working on: ColorFavs

The site is built using Python and the Django framework. I built it in my free time over the course of around seven months or so.

  1. Why I created it: Well… I was working on version 2.0 of one of my other sites: LogoGala and one of the features I was building was a color extractor so I could display a palette when users uploaded logos. I thought to myself: “I could turn this one feature into an entire site.” So, that’s what I did.

  2. Challenges involved: The main challenge was just staying motivated. I have literally hundreds of ideas written down for sites/apps I want to build. Sometimes it’s very difficult for me to stay on task because my mind starts to wonder about another idea. Aside from that, it was definitely a challenge doing this site a couple hours at a time in my free time. With two kids at home, time is limited.

  3. What do and don’t I like: The only thing I dislike about it is the palette filtering, i.e., filtering a palette by blue, red, etc. It’s extremely difficult get an accurate filter of palettes when they may contain a lot of different colors. So I settled for just looking at each color in each palette and if a palette has the color “blue” for example, then you’ll find that palette when you filter by blue. It may have other colors which aren’t blue, but that’s about the best solution I could come up with.

  4. How do I hope to improve it: I just launched a search feature where you can search for a HEX value. I’m also working on a blog which I hope to have up and running in a couple days.

Thanks. Let me know what you think.


Very cool idea! Love it! It’s very useful! Also The design of site is cool.



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