Color combination

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I am ayyappan I dont know that color combination and how to use color .
Please explain


Hello Ayyappan. Usually you start with a color and then look for other colors to go with it (secondary colors). Do you have an initial color in mind?

If you google html color combinations you’ll find several sites that help you find secondary colors.

If you’re not sure of what color to start with a color wheel might help you decide.


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You can try looking at this site, it’s a great way of finding compatible colour combinations -


The choice of colors in your website normally speaks about the volumes on your sense of aesthetics and professionalism. It’s better to use lighter colors for your background to ensure that it does not steal the show from your main content. For more useful tips about color combinations, read the following blogs:

How to Choose the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Web Design Projects

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HI Ayyappan,

I am a web designer and at the initial stage of my career i was also worried about the color combination. But believe me it is very simple to get best color match. Visit website

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One thing to bear in mind is how your colours will appear to those with colour blindness or poor vision. It’s important to check your text will still be legible. I find this tool invaluable:


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