College Project - Site Ideas


I’m a first year design student - I have been given a project to complete by the New Year to design a website (I don’t have a problem developing it). I am struggling to think of an idea of something that I can do quickly - Ideally, it will be a site that doesn’t need to rely too much on images (don’t have the time) and something that is easy to get content for and can be researched on the internet. I’m not looking for an idea for the next facebook more ideas of industries - site for a local builder etc. Any suggestions will be appreciated - thanks.


Hey Rachel,

Have you thought about maybe doing a search for local businesses in your area? I’m sure someone would like a website designed and you may even get paid for it! You could even possibly re-design a site for some local business as a gesture of good will…that way you get your design brief and images/info, and they get a new site.

Sounds like a fair exchange to me,

Hope this helps & good luck

[FONT=Verdana]Does it specifically have to be a business site? My advice would be to choose a topic that interests you, because that way you’ll have more fun doing it. :slight_smile: Do you belong to any kind of church, club or community group that might appreciate having a site built for them? Do you have any hobbies or interests you could use as a basis? One of the sites I’ve most enjoyed working on is for a local quilters group, a not-for-profit group who do a lot of charity fundraising. It’s an informal site and I just had fun with it. (I’m not a quilter but I enjoy other crafts, so the subject appealled to me.)

If it has to be a business, then small businesses such as cafes, guesthouses, riding schools or cycle hire might be suitable. You should be able to write your own text, and if you do a Google search for images available for use, I’m sure you’d find some you could use.[/FONT]

Maybe some kind of resume site that displays someone’s credentials to show employers?

Hello Rachel,
My suggestion is go with your extension to university website. After that it may userful to university. Think out some activity which your university or college website dont have. It may give impression to project leaders that you are thinking about college.
Hope this helpful and good luck