Collecting variables through pages

I am new to php, i am making a form which has different pages like first,second and third. on third page i want to display all the variables. Te problem is that it doesn’t display the first.php variables as it get lost in two. whereas i have stored variable of first page into second page but in third it just shows second page, not first.

Maybe storing them in session, and then extract session vars in the next page? Anyway you need a way to persist these variables, if session wont work you probably need storage mechanisms such as XML and MySQL database.

thanks, i will try session first. as i work in wordpress so i want final results to store in mysql. not sure if i want to store.

You may use Cache too as another option, and they are more secure than session as the latter is vulnerable to hijacking unless you know how to prevent that from happening. Anyway, make sure to get rid of all these persistent vars at the last page, also for security reasons.

Many thanks, now i am stuck on checkbox. I have MCQ’s and like a question i have 6 options, i want to get the checked values to store them in variable on second page. how do i go on doing that? i got 6-10 MCQ’s question and each question got 6 options.