[ColdFusion] Form was generating Excel spreadsheet, last week - now it's not

Hello, all,

I’ve been working for weeks on a form that will (when submit) generate an Excel spreadsheet, then attach said spreadsheet to an email and send it off.

Basically, once a form has been submit (and after the form data has been validated, server-side), my code takes the form scope, and uses <cfscript> with SpreadsheetNew, SpreadsheetFormatRows, SpreadsheetFormatColumns, SpreadsheetSetCellValue, etc., to generate an Excel object. Then, I use CFMAILPARAM inside a CFMAIL tag to set the object as an attachment, and place the email in spool.

It was working flawlessly, last week (as of Friday, before I left to go home.) Suddenly, this morning (Monday), it is not working.

I have not changed any code. Our SA has not updated, upgraded, or changed anything - not the physical server, not the Apache server, not the ColdFusion Server.

The CF logs are showing one line, each: “The {log name} log has initialized.” That’s it. Nothing more.

Has anyone else had this happen? Any thoughts on what this could be?



CORRECTION: The mailsent log is showing successful sending of email. Just nothing about an attachment.

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