ColdFusion Builder now available for purchase, includes Flash Builder 4

Last night at midnight Adobe released ColdFusion Builder, a brand new IDE built upon Eclipse for ColdFusion, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS development.

The price is $299 and includes a full license for Flash Builder 4 Standard.

This is a fantastic deal and if you’re not using ColdFusion Builder already, then you should definitely give it a go.

Here’s some of the features:
Code insight and code assist
Customizable development environment
Integrated debugger
CFML template preview
ColdFusion 7, 8, and 9 version support
Application deployment
Remote project support
Object relational mapping
Extensibility with CFML
Integrated development with the Adobe Flash Platform

Worth adding that for those in Education you can download it, ColdFusion 9 and Flash Builder 4 for free here -


I tried the beta v3 earlier this month. It looked like dreamweaver light.

Dreamweaver CS4 has CF9 features and is far more robust for only $100 more. The Flash Builder 4 license is the only real carrot.

The beta was also terribly buggy.

You could say that Dreamweaver is too heavy and if cost is an issue then go for CFEclipse. It’s free :wink:

Personally I just don’t have any need for all the DW front-end tools and Server-side language support that I don’t use. Also compared with the range of free plugins available for Eclipse it just doesn’t compete.

I’ll agree though that the betas of CFB were buggy. I had a lot of problems with Subversive freezing. There was a big push at the end to fix a lot of the issues though. I read somewhere around 3000 bugs were fixed after the beta 3 release.

It’s beta software though so you can’t really complain. If there is a problem you should raise a ticket :wink:

Flash Builder is free but as Creole says it’s only the standard version. The Premium Edition is going to put you back $699.00. That price puts a large shadow over CFB AND FB Standard for $299 :wink:

Downloaded the 60 day trial and it seems far more stable and functional than the beta.

Will give the CFEclipse a try too.

Textmate has some good bundles for CF. Just to chime in ANOTHER alternative.