Coding this Box IE7 compatible

So I’m in the middle of integrating a CMS with a website, and I can’t seem to know where to begin into coding this box so that no matter what content i put inside it’ll stretch and still look right.

Perhaps you HTML/CSS specialists can help me figure out which techniques to use in order to get to my goal.

PS. Needs to be IE7 Compatible.

Thanks in advance.

Perfect example of what I usually mean when talking about “Non-viable element design”. It REEKS of “but I can do it in photoshop” nonsense. The horizontal gradient will NOT work properly with dynamic width, the vertical elements pretty much mean you HAVE to fix the height of the box forcing you into px fonts or just living with a broken layout on large font/120dpi machines…

My advice, throw that away, code the site with semantic markup, create the layout in CSS, and THEN start playing with hanging the goofy graphics on it.

There’s a reason you don’t see a lot of websites doing that in the first place… or at least, no successful ones.

The problem is this design was handed off to me, and It’s final meaning I can’t change anything on it. Of course i wouldn’t do something like this, but there must an option. I need to do this for a client, so redoing it it’s not an option.

… and this is why I don’t take those types of jobs anymore and started telling people who come to me with goof-assed PSD’s where to shove it. Client comes to you with that, you tell them “This is not a viable design for a proper accessible website”

We need to either start educating the people that vomit up this crap in photoshop that this is not how it should be done, or start thinning out their numbers a bit.

I’m REALLY starting to lean towards the latter. Old Yeller time.