CodePen is too small

Is there a way to make CodePen windows stretchable or larger by default?

People post CodePen in my threads trying to help, and the CodePen window is so small that it is unusable to me.

The height is mostly the issue, and you cannot view the final result, plus trying to do a side-by-side comparison of the code to the end web page is futile.

This is a major issue in my eyes, and I’d appreciate if it could be addressed!


I am assuming you are talking about the inline codepen posts you see here on sitepoint. Just click the upper right where it reads “Edit on Codepen” and it should open up on codepen as the full window. There you can resize the editor windows by dragging the bars, using the drop down arrow at the top right of each of the windows and even use the change view button.

I think many of the people posting these in your threads are expecting that you would open it on codepen and view their stuff there.


Wow! So much better!

I saw that, but figured you needed a CodePen account to use that.


switch the view mode to debug mode it shows the code preview full screen without that buggy codepen bar on top of it.

this is debug

I think that is only available if you have CodePen… (Which I should probably get sometime.)