Codeigniter Vs Yii

I’m looking to learn a php framework and work on my personal project and professionally of course. Codeigniter and Yii are the two frameworks that looks interesting to me. Which one do you think I should learn and why?

If you ask me about one think that I look for out of my codes is that I want my site/ script to run the fastest.

Looking forward to your opinions.


I haven’t used Yii before (or heard of it for that matter) but I always work with CodeIgniter and it’s incredibly simple to get projects going in it. That being said, the CodeIgniter framework is no longer being actively developed so it’s future is uncertain.

Are you sure? I see the latest release was on 5th June 2014

Nearly 1 year have passed, still it didn’t find a new home?

Not as far as I know. To be honest, if you’re looking to learn a new framework that you can use professionally, I’d recommend either Laravel or Symfony2, with Laravel having a smoother learning curve and perhaps being a better choice for developers coming from a CodeIgniter background.

Thanks fretburner, Do you know anything about Yii ?

I don’t I’m afraid. I think there might be some others that hang around the forums that use it though.

Yii V1 was last released Aug 2013.

Yii V2 Beta was released April 2014.

So now you need to decide if you want to invest time learning an old version.

Or go with the latest and greatest moving target.

You really should consider going a modern established framework as @fretburner suggested. Silex/Laravel/Symfony 2.