Code Render Blocks

Hi guys

I have just started reading the book “Build Your Own ASP.NET 3.5 Web Site Using C# & VB”, im finding it difficult to understand the paragraph below and what is render blocks, what does “rendering”, “Page rendering” and “page is rendered” mean?

“If you’ve had experience with traditional ASP, you might recognize these blocks. You can use code render blocks to define inline code or expressions that will execute when a page is rendered. Code within a code render block is executed immediately when it is encountered–usually when the page is loaded or rendered. On the other hand, code within a code declaration block (within <script> tags) is executed only when it is called or triggered by user or page interactions. There are two types of code render blocks?inline code, and inline expressions–both of which are typically written within the body of the ASP.NET page.”

Thanks in advance for your help and time

MSDN is a great resource:

thanks for your reply USPatriot but i still dont understand what rendering is :frowning:

Rendering is equivalent to displaying, or the way something is been “outputted”, that sorta thing, you just need to keep practicing and researching and you’ll eventually get up to speed with all those terms :slight_smile: