Code question

I feel your pain on that one Ralph, it’s the same story at work.
I’ve shown several colleagues how tabbed browsing works and while some have comprehended it, others still get confused and end up shutting their browsers after I’ve opened more than one tab for them, as they forget how to get back to where they were.
To bring this back to the discussion at hand, I guess it strengthens the point that you shouldn’t force the user to do something they don’t want / are not expecting.

When a new window opens focus remains on the original window. The user has to physically move their mouse over to the new tab and click in order to view it. If they don’t know how to do the same to view the original window then they have bigger problems. That said, yes I agree with both, my mom always has 10 windows with 10 tabs going on in each. Not because she’s an awesome multitasker, but because she simply never closes a single window.