Code for approve button

I have made an approve button, but i need that when the approve button is clicked, the data from the old table gets transferred to a new table and transferring those data to a new table, and the old table data must get deleted.

can anyone help please?

i need a dummy code please

I have a wheel. And when I roll the wheel, I’d like to sit on top of it and be able to steer it and pedal to continue to move forward.

Can anyone help please?

I need a dummy bicycle please.

Sorry, for the sarcasm, but you might as well have asked the question above.

I just want you to realize, how hard it is to answer your request for help with anything useful. I’d like to help, but I need the person I am helping to at least try and help themselves first. Have you tried to code a solution? Can you code the start of a solution to your problem at all? What you are asking for is actually a small coding job and not something easily thrown up in a forum thread. It needs more consulting and a view into the available code.


Small hint to get you started.

$sql = "INSERT INTO newtable (field2,field3,field4,field5,field6)
    SELECT field2,field3,field4,field5,field6
    FROM oldtable
    WHERE field1 = :field";

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