Code archieve to Build your own website right away using html & css

Hello users of sitepoint
I am just starting to learn to build a website, so i’ve lent 'Build your own website right away using html & css?
Where can i find the code archieve for that?

Best regards Christian

Hi Christian_F, welcome to the forums.

I’d be surprized if the book doesn’t have the URL to it’s page in it somewhere.

Anyway, SitePoint book pages can be found in the “store” directory, eg. Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS, 3rd Edition

That page has a link to Download code archive (0.75mb)

Thanks a lot!!
The book just link to and refers to forum.

I lended the book from the library, and it is the first edition - is the book of any use, or would you recommend that i instead buys the 3rd edition?

It’s better to have the latest edition, though older versions are not worthless, of course, as code from a few years ago is perfectly valid now (even is not the latest available).

Be aware, however, that the code samples available for download are for version 3, so they won’t match the text in version 1. We can hook you up with the files for version 1 if need be, but I’d go for something more up to date. If cost/time is an issue, you could grab the PDF version.

Somewhere in the opening pages of the SitePoint books they always give the URL for the code download, but it won’t be relevant for the first book now anyhow (though it should be … tisk tisk.)