Code/API Critique/Review subforum?

There is a subforum on Sitepoint called ‘Website Design & Content - Reviews & Critiques’, I guess its mostly for live websites. How about adding a code/API critique/review subforum similar to this? Instead of reviewing websites, you will have coders commenting on code/API written by programmers by expert coders here. I know it may be a lot to ask if it is a complicated software/framework, but for simple code/API Id say it wont take too long to go over the details. In fact, sometimes the user may only want to know things like whether the code is vulnerable in terms of security, or whether it is designed properly. Id say code/API critique/review will help intermediate programmers on this forum a lot, and those who are clearly not complete amateurs but wish to keep improving their skills.

I love the idea in theory, but I’ve learned that creating new subforums without a strong demand for them means that they just fade away and die a slow death. If there is a demand for this kind of thing then I’d be more than happy to give it a go.

This Sticky was posted in the Javascript forum Mar 2011 Code reviews

Since that time I can count the number of [Code Review] threads I’ve seen using the fingers of one hand.