Cnnot delete folder on server

Hey guys,

I have a CMS site testing live which has created a folder on the server. I gave this folder full permissions CHMOD 777, to be able to read from and write to it.

Anyway, I am testing and every time I test a sequence of events, I need to create a subfolder inside it and add pictures to this folder. When I want to test again, I have been deleting the subfolder and started the test process again.

Basciallly, one particular subfolder will just not delete, I try and it refuses permission and I try and chmod it and again it refuses. Really annoying, any ideas? I do not have access to the server itself, it is a free virtual server.

If its your live linux server then it sounds like a .htaccess file which is set as a hidden file. Been there done that and its a **** to get rid of (had to contact server admin) instead.

Hey thanks Tango,
Yeh that sounds about right. I don’t know what the admin service is going to be like as its a free host but I’ll contact them. Hope all is well with yourself, I am up to my eyeballs in code atm lol.

My hosting company actually had a blitz everything button on the c-panel so i just zapped it all and uploaded it again from my local version. :wink: