CNET PPD (Pay Per Download) Program

We are considering CNET PPD subscription. Anybody used CNET PPD (Pay Per Download) program? How effective is the program? They normally charge a deposit amount of USD250 to bid. How does it compare with Google Adwords program, for a site that sells software download products?


Note: They also have Spot Bid program, which is similar to PPC. We had used it for some time, but were disappointed with the results.

I’ve never used CNET’s PPD, but I did investigate it once. If your end goal is to increase the number of downloads, then it looks like a good bet.

With PPC, you are simply paying for a click-through to your site. Once you’ve got the click, you still have to work hard to sell the product to the visitor. If that effort fails, you’ve still paid for the click. With PPD, by contrast, you don’t pay unless the visitor actually initiates the download.

Whether PPD is actually cost effective for you is another matter. That will depend on what competition you have, how much the competition is willing to bid, and how much each download is in fact worth to you.