CMS's and custom PHP coded pages

Hello All,

I was wondering if i could get some advice…

I’m wanting to implement some php code on a cms based site. so i can leverage of its usability, users and overall design.
Im forever having trouble seeing where and how i can edit a ‘custom’ page…?

the PHP is fairly simple, it adds data to a Db, and depending on results, spits out different results.
So how, or what CMS is best to be able to ‘embed’ the script into…?

i know there may be some problems with global variables/db connections etc.
But i starting point would be excellent

Thank you in advance

Presumably each CMS is different. I’m sure that there must be a way to do this with any PHP-based CMS is if you know how to work with PHP and databases. I use ExpressionEngine, and add in my own PHP often, but it costs a bit, so that may turn you off. There are many free alternatives.

Are you familiar with any of the mainstream CMS that are available (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, etc…)?

You’re going to find that most CMS packages provide one way or another to embed your custom code but you’ll have to figure out the “way” the CMS works first. Each CMS will have established practices for doing things and once you figure out how these practices work, it should be quite simple. I use Drupal and on first glance, I can think of three ways to insert the code (module, block, theme). I’m sure you’ll find many CMS’s that will provide this ability but you’ll have to learn the ins and outs of the CMS you choose to do so.