Hi all, if I’m not in the right section, please let me know. ok, I know that cms means content management system, but that’s about all I know on it. Is there an excellent point of reference anywhere on the net where I can learn a lot more about it please? Also, what is the best free cms system please?

Any help appreciated.


Technically, a content management system holds the content of the site in a database and flows the content into design templates. The advantages of this method of organizing content are:

  1. content is separated from design which means that a design change can be made on 1 template rather than 100 or 1 million individual pages.
  2. Content can be added through a panel without knowing any code or having special software
  3. content can be distributed from the database automatically. For example, the latest news items can flow to the home page or information about members can automatically form a list which can be sorted and filtered.

There is no “Best” CMS. It depend on preference and the task at hand.

The most popular ones are Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla.

WordPress is the easiest to work with, but also does less. Try looking up tutorials on Youtube to get a better sense of them.