CMS that allows adding custom user fields (CV upload)

Well the title says it all :slight_smile:
I need to have the users upload their CV upon registration.

CMS Made Simple - it had custom fields but no file upload.
MODx - could’nt find any custom fields at all.
Joomla - no custom fields.

Now I could be wrong about those 3 - I might have missed it. Although I doubt it… I took a good look.

So instead of spending another 4 hours looking, maby someone has got an idea on what to look for? CMS + modules combos as well…

Thanks in advance…

Drupal, but you need a lot of work (additional modules*, and I would wait for Drupal 7 to come out, this type of thing should get easier then) to get that.

Expressionengine has the ability to use user uploads as standard.

Hehe… I was hoping to avoid typo3 and drupal due to their steep learning curve - dang first one drupal. I bet that the next suggestion will be typo3 :slight_smile:

Thanks c2uk… I’ll wait a few to see if anyone else has any simple solutions. If not I suppose I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Sorry bluedreamer, didn’t see your post…
I’m looking for an open-source solution - sorry I forgot to mention that…

While Drupal has a steep learning curve, it’s not quite near the learning curve required for Typo3 from my experience - I gave up on Typo3 a long time ago though, and focused on Drupal, with a little bit of Wordpress.

Well seems like I’m going to go with drupal :slight_smile:

c2uk… you wouldnt have a tutorial or an article on how to do this? :slight_smile:
If not could you give me a simple list of to-do’s… please :slight_smile: with a cherry on top? :slight_smile:

I would recommend getting a Drupal book. Drupal’s own documentation isn’t too bad either.

Look out for screencasts, and have a few, even though they might not be directly related to your project, you learn about the Drupal way of doing things.

You might find Drupal Cookbook helpful, though was written when Drupal 5 came out - a few things changed to Drupal 6, but most of the basics are still the same I guess (I’ve been using Drupal since 4.7.x, and the move to Drupal 5 was major; they also got rid of the second number, so no 5.1.x or 5.2.x just 5.x which indicate bugfixes and minor patches, anything major goes into the next version, 6 and now 7).

Drupal Planet aggregates feeds from the major players using Drupal.

Some modules come with good and extensive documentation (make sure you read those before installing and using them), others with just the basics of how to install them.

This should get you started :slight_smile: Good luck with the journey, Drupal can be well worth learning, once you get it, you can pretty much design and develop any web project you can imagine.

Forgot to mention, the one thing that can be a pain is module selection. Finding one that does the job, then testing whether it actually does the job the way you would want it, learning how to customise/theme it, etc. You probably would want to set up a separate module test environment for that.

Got into playing with Drupal and can’t get enough :slight_smile:
Registration, CV, roles, etc is working like a charm - now I got to figure out the rest :slight_smile:
One again, thanks for the help…

Great then!

Come back if you get stuck, I might be able to help out with a few things.

do the clients get their own area ?

Can they get one ? i mean, we are setting a client on your site, but can we set a client and set a name/pass so they can login somewhere and see their own area ? and their informations ? also if they can register by them selves ?

If you can have that done… i might be interested on getting your site as well… but only the scripting… not the layout.

Drupal => can do everythings

Just for anyone viewing this thread, MODx has custom fields built in, read up on template variables.

For Joomla lots of CCK modules - .

No idea about CMSMS.

When your enabling customers to upload their CV’s you should limit what file extensions they’re able to use, I would suggest limiting them to PDF format only as pdf creation tools are easy enough to get and it means that you won’t have to have a half dozen word processor apps just to read CVs